The authentic tacos al pastor in Berlin

This taco is the result of the gastronomical and cultural mixture between the Lebanese and the Mexicans at the beginning of the last century. This particular outcome in the traditional Mexican street food is now in Berlin with Los Trómpiras. 

The best and only tacos al pastor in Berlin

You will experience the authentic taste of the Mexican street food with the best and most representative taco of all, the taco al pastor.

About us

The first and only real tacos al pastor from Mexico in Berlin.

Los Trómpiras bring the authentic “taco al pastor" to Berlin. Prepared in the traditional way with sliced meat marinated in salsa made with the genuine recipe from the old days. Made out of different kinds of peppers and axiote. The meat is slowly grilled in a skewer just to then throw it into a corn tortilla, with coriander, onion, pineapple, lime, and our original hot salsas. 


Now we offer menus DIY to take at home or we bring it to your place!

Because of the actual situation, we are making this easier, and also growing our online shop. 

Now we also have many different authentic Mexican products for you.  We deliver all over Germany within 1 to 3 working days. 

Salsa verde Herdez

Product information 
Salsa Verde Herdez 240 g, one of many delicious sauces from Herdez. Fruity and mild green salsa. Delicious for chilaquiles, enchiladas or simply for scrambled eggs or on the tostada.

Tortillas Chips (totopos)

500 g bag of tortilla chips in the most authentic Mexican style. As a snack or to cook chilaquiles. 

Salsa Chipotle Herdez

210 g of one of them most delicious style of Mexican chiles.